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About Us

Safe Places for Men to Meet Men

At Guys2 our goal is to host quality recreational events that are unique and fun for men 21+ to enjoy in a judgment free and safe space.


Building Places for Guys 2 Gather

Even before the pandemic, gentrification and high rents led to the loss of our gathering places and spaces: bars, community centers and social clubs. Guys2 popup recreational events aim to build a community destination, if even just for an evening or a weekend.

Planning and hosting an event takes a lot of time, talent and funding generously given by our leadership team, local volunteers and our national sponsors. Please support them, as they support your Guys 2 Gather club.

Meet The New Team of Guys2

Under New Ownership

Guys2 recently was acquired by Xposure Events LLC, a successful gay men's event company in Palm Springs. Xposure already has several events at the CCBC every year. With the inclusion of Xposure's resources Guys2 has more than doubled its equipment which will mean the corral will be LOADED! 

We at Xposure are excited to take the reins of Guys2 and continue to grow these amazing events here in California, and across the country. 

If you know somewhere we could host a MOUNT event please contact us, we'd love to see what's out there!

Become a Sponsor


GUYS2 events draw hundreds of guys for multiple days. Many are new to the area and looking for places to shop, gear to wear, somewhere to eat, drink and places to hang out!


What you can do for us:

  • Display Event Posters in your Business

  • Display Event Postcards

  • Provide web links to GUYS2 event page

  • Special discount offers (optional)


What we can do for you:

  • List your business on our website

  • Hang your business posters at our event

  • We will actively promote you to drive guys to you

  • Stuffer Cards / samples can be included at the event, bar, and at check-in

  • Discounts on tickets for guys who come to your business

  • Discount tickets for your employees

GUYS2 is very flexible and creative. We work with your business to meet your goals. Talk to us.

COST: $25/Month or $200/Year (includes all events)

Group / Cause / Organization

Whether leather organization, social group for dinners, or whatever.. If your group is looking to gain members or fund raise, GUYS2 can help!


What you can do for us:

  • Display Event Posters

  • Distribute event cards

  • Web links to GUYS2's website


What we can do for you:

  • Fundraising / Information table at event

  • 20% discounts for your members when using promo code

  • Donate passes for fundraising auctions

  • Display your info on our website


Social Influencer

What you can do for us:

  • Promote event media on social media channels.

  • Web links to GUYS2's event page


What we can do for you:

  • Links to your social accounts on the event page…

  • Create content at the event. Exclusive branding and promotion on GUYS2's website.

  • 20% discounts for your members when using promo code through DM. Use to gain signups to Just for Fans / Only Fans.

  • For every 10 Tickets you sell we'll give you 1 free pass.

  • Sign up to be a Guest Star at our events.. (interview process for selection)

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